Need a Job – 3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Make It More Likely to Get a Job That Pays!

Need a JobAre you in a place right now where you need a job, but you’re not quite sure what the heck to do?

Let me guess, you’ve been submitting your resume to every company that you can think of that might want you…but with no success.

It’s not easy getting a job in this economy. It can be downright depressing in fact.

I Know What It’s Like to Need a Job!

Bills begin to pile up. Your life begins to go into shambles. You really don’t want to borrow money from your parents or other friends or family. Maybe you’ve already done that.

I want to tell you, I truly feel for you, and I know what you’re going through here.

What to Do If You Need a Job and Nobody Is Biting…

Here’s the problem. No matter what job you’re applying for right now there are tons and tons of people trying to get that same job. Yes, competition is fierce right now…even if you’re looking for something way beneath your experience, past pay grade, or even degree.

So it’s crucial that you go the extra mile a bit, and do some of the things that nobody else will do.

The good part is that these things don’t have to be hard. Simple little tricks will have a huge effect on things when done correctly.

First… Don’t Submit a Resume That Looks Like Everyone Else’s

Just imagine being a manager these days who’s in charge of hiring. The number of resumes they get from people who need a job has got to look like…or worse than…then picture to your right. A pile that just doesn’t end, full of boring looking resumes.

You’ve got to make yours stand out. A simple little trick is to submit your resume in an envelope that’s slightly off color. Most people are sending the same envelope and it gets nauseating for employers.

The fact is that they need a tiny bit of excitement in their lives, and if your envelope is different, with a different color, then that just might be that little thing that makes them grin a little, and say…hmm, let me check this out.

Second…Make It Fast and Easy for Employers to See If You’ve Got the Goods…

Here’s a little trick that works like crazy to get your resume read when you need a job fast, even if the pile is huge.

Give the employer more than one way to see your resume…and give it to them where they are looking the most. On their computer!

Let me ask you, when your home snail mail comes, do you get excited anymore?

Probably not, because it’s going to be a pain! You might skim the envelope, and see if there’s any good reason at all to open that envelope and look at the mail inside.

In fact, you’ll likely procrastinate like crazy.

But what if you saw a website URL on the envelope? That might get your attention, and it would be a lot more appealing to simply type in that website address, than to open the envelope wouldn’t it?

Works the same way for an employer…

They hate mail, and they love a reason to search the internet. So if you had a website that featured YOUR RESUME on it, and you wrote that website URL on the envelope that you sent your resume in, there’s a good chance that before they ever open the envelope to see your actual resume, that they’d type in that website address and then see your resume.

So instead of going to the bottom of the pile, you avoid the pile altogether.

That’s a win/win for you…the person who needs a job…and the employer…the person who needs an employee but doesn’t feel like reading another resume.

If you want to learn exactly how to make this happen you can click the picture to the right of the stack of resumes, and I show you exactly how via a free video report

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Third…You Could Skip All of This Job Hunt Headache Altogether Actually Get Out of the Need a Job Trap…

Here’s the thing…

We live in a world where you don’t necessarily need a job in the typical way we usually think of a job… if you have some skills that you can provide for other people.

The fact is that right now while people are killing each other over the same jobs, there are tons of companies and individuals online that are willing to hire you to work from home.

Now these aren’t the stupid stuff you see about taking surveys and placing tiny little ads. That stuff just gives the legitimate opportunities a bad name. In some ways that’s good for you if you were to decide that you wanted to enter the pool and find the alternative to jobs that allow you to work from home.

This gives you much less competition.

There are tons of jobs that can be and are being done online from home, and people are getting paid nicely for.

Many of these jobs might be some of the same stuff that you’re applying for anyway.

Administrative jobs…
Creative jobs…
Design jobs…
Content creation…

You name it. There’s really an endless supply because there are so many companies utilizing workers in that way, because it’s cheaper for them, much less overhead, and frankly much less headache for everyone involved.

If you want to see what companies are hiring for these types of jobs, and be notified when new ones are ready to hire people like you who need a job, then click here now!